Birtley Relays 2020:


All of the Poly competitors arrived at Birtley expecting a slightly less muddy run than the last time out. Immediately, they began to walk the course, lead by coach Mel. It was a firm(ish) ground underfoot, slightly clarty in places, behind the trees particularly. Soon after, Oscar Makepeace (5:08) lead the U11 A team boys off, giving them a healthy lead, which Max Cummings (5:16) was able to hold onto, allowing Charlie Furness (5:11) to comfortably bring it home on the last leg. They however, were closely followed by the B team who finished in 3rd overall. Their team consisted of Luke Cummings (5:28), handing onto James Sturman (5:37) and Gabe Venner (5:24) finishing it off.


The Poly U11 girls continued to dominate, the A team in 2nd place, Lily Mccoll (5:31) on first, Poppy Coleman (6:06) on 2nd leg and Emily Mccoll (6:04), comleting A fab result. Darcy Ridgeway (6:05) was to start the B team off, and Maggie Mordian (6:46) allowing E.Dochtin (6:57) to get a 9th place finish!


The u13 boys were next, and Harry Furness (6:10) gave the A team a perfect start, Benjamin Maley (6:19), on 2nd and Ben Scantlebury (6:05) able to take the gold position, some 45 seconds ahead of the closest team.

The B team also ran admirably, Jonathan Maley (6:44), Hamish Dochtin (7:25) and Matthew Maley (6:45) doing brilliant for the club again in 10th place!


The Girls U13 A team managed a 4th place finish lead by Catherine Atkinson (6:45), Jocelyn Black (6:53) and Hannah Atkinson (6:34) bringing it into the finish. Hannah Micheal (7:03) started for the B team, finishing in 10th, yet again a great result, Zoe Matthews (8:00) and Emily Coleman (7;33) rounding off a memorable day of results.


All competitors and juniors would admit that none of this would be possible without the hard-work and postitivity of Coach Mel(on), who always turns up in good spirit, rain or shine to support everyone across the club.

Thanks Mel from all the Juniors!


Author: Benjamin Maley