At Nottingham (arriving from our 6:15 start, bright and early at Monkseaton Metro Station for the bus) where the sun seemingly ceased to shine and rainclouds covered the sky like a thick blanket of grey dust, the Poly bus parked and was unloaded, right at the bottom of the hill where Wollaton castle was placed. Already, it became significantly visible that the mud wellies were neccesary. After managing to haul the tent into the only remaining space in the labyrinth of tents, the juniors began to walk the course and within seconds, they knew exactly how grim it was. Stretching across the start was a probably muddy, pool- wait no Lake- of murky, brown water, all less than 200 metres from the start. This set the tone for the rest of the course, mud, mud and more mud! It is most definatly not an understatement to say that it was hellish at best. Across the course were fallen trees, long grass simply acting to hide the marshy ground below. But if they thought that was bad, then they were wrong. The river ran across the course like a barrier trying to block the path of those who dared to cross it. Bitterly cold, it was just the 4 times that seniors had to cross it.


U15 Boys- Josh Blevins (9th 17:10) Charles McManus (255th 20:46)

U13 Girls- Jocelyn Black (221st 19:10)

U17 Men- Ryan Eden (201st 27:54)

U13 Boys- Ben Scantlebury (92nd 16:18) Benjamin Maley ( 216th 17:33) Olly Hayes (277th 18:22) Jonathan Maley (292nd 18:40) Matthew Maley (294th 18:42)

U15 Girls- Holly Waugh (78th 21:35) Katie Josyln ( 154th 22:34)

Women- Carla Maley (270th 43:33) Louise Hayes (321st 44:49) Michelle Thompson (456th 47:55)

Men- Dave Green (118th 48:14) Sean Maley (760th 58:52) Darren Suleman (1139th 01:04:56) Graham Hall (1341st 01:08:49) Barry Young (1397th 01:08:49)

All results were well deserved, and the club made a good showing, against some stiff competition, in brutal conditions of mud, rain and cold, and having to run an extra half mile than planned!

Up The Poly.

Author: Benjamin Maley