CIO update:

The trustees of the “new club “ met on Monday 4th June to discuss and agree the way forward, following on from the meeting at Linskill.


Update as follows:

Firstly, we welcome two new trustees; John Sutcliffe and Chris Mole.

We have reviewed all the offers of help and will now assign as best we can volunteers to the proposed group structure. We will be contacting those who put themselves forward over the coming days.

We plan to invoke the new CIO on 1st July 2018. We will hold the AGM of the ‘new club’ as soon as possible in July.

We have requested that North Tyneside Council assign the lease of the club house to the new CIO. We have made a request for the memorandum of understanding for the asset transfer of the track.

Any questions… please direct them to one of the Trustees; Peter AtkinsonClare WinterAmanda HallChris MoleJohn SutcliffePatrick Houghton or Paul Murphy.

Appreciate progress has been slow, but it’s crucial we get it right and we are totally dependent upon the goodwill and effort of volunteers.

Many thanks
Peter Atkinson