NSP Junior Triathlon 2018 Review


Our second year as a competitive group has built on the success of last year with an incredible 37 juniors (17 girls and 20 boys) representing NSP in multisport events.

We have 2 athletes, Ellie and George, selected for the British Triathlon (BT) North East (NE) Development Squad, which is the first step on the BT performance pathway for 11 / 12 year olds (TriStar 2) and 13 / 14 year olds (TriStar 3).  Ellie has also been selected to represent the NE region in the BT Inter Regional Championships (IRCs), which is the National Competition for both Tristar 2 and 3.

We also currently have 2 athletes that are leading the BT NE Regional Junior Grand Prix Series, Aidan in the TriStar 1 boys (9 and 10 year olds) and Ellie in the Tristar 3 girls.  Also in the TriStar 1 boys competition Oscar is 3rd and Owen 5th.

Our coaches are currently working closely with Trustees and various Club Officers towards achieving TriMark Bronze (Quality Assurance Standard) which all BT clubs with juniors must have prior to 2019.

From October 2017 we have added to our Tuesday and Thursday sessions at the Clubhouse with the Saturday Swim at Hadrian Leisure Centre.  This has been a fantastic success for juniors and adults alike.  49 juniors and 60 adults have attended this session with the average attendance being just under 30 swimmers.  We coach 3 swim groups, junior development, junior competition and adults.



Brief Highlights from 2018:

3rd February, Skills School.

We hosted our very own BT Skills School at Hadrian Leisure Centre.  Here we had 7 coaches and assistants working with BTNE Lead Coach Phil Jameson.  The morning was used to develop knowledge and understanding of coaching theory followed by coaching 25 of our youngsters in triathlon specific run, bike and swim sessions in the afternoon.  We are aiming to make this an annual event.


30th March, The Elswick Harriers Good Friday Relays.

28 athletes from our group raced in the u11 and u13 events.  From our group we had 2 top 5 finishes, Aidan 3rd and Oscar 4th u11.  NSP u11 boys and girls teams both won their competitions.


15th April, The Tyne Triathlon Spring Aquathlon (swim / run). 

We had 17 youngsters competing, with 5 top 5 finishes.  Heidi 4th and Anna 5th in the TriStar 1 girls race and Aidan 1st, Oscar 2nd and Owen 5th in the TriStar 1 boys race.


19th April, The NSP Junior Road Race Championships.

A great turn out and considerable success for our group.


28th April, The One Life Racing Haltwhistle Aquathlon.

20 athletes competed with 7 achieving top 5 finishes.  Ruby 3rd in TriStar 1, Eve 2nd in TriStar 2 and Ellie 5th in TriStar 3 girls races and in the TriStar 1 boys race it finished with Aidan 1st, Owen 2nd, Oscar 3rd and Daniel 5th.


13th May, The Richmond Junior Aquathlon.

11 youngsters competed with 5 top 5 finishes.  Lucy 5th in the TriStart (8 year olds), Eve 2nd in the TriStar 2 and Ellie 3rd in the TriStar 3 girls races.  Aidan 1st and Oscar 5th in the TriStar 1 boys race.


26th May, The Cleveland Junior Duathlon (run / bike/ run).

5 of our athletes took part with 4 of them achieving a top 5 finish.  Ellie 2nd in TriStar 3 girls and in the TriStar 1 boys it was Aidan 1st, Oscar 2nd and Ethan 5th.


3rd June, The Richmond Junior Triathlon (swim / bike / run) at Barnard Castle School.

10 youngsters competed with 5 achieving top 5 finishes.  Ellie 4th TriStar 3 girl.   Aidan 1st, Oscar 3rd, Will 4th and Daniel 5th in the TriStar 1 boys.


16th June, The Scottish National Youth Championships.

3 of our athletes raced with Aidan finishing 1st TriStar 1 boy.


24th June, The Spanish City Junior Duathlon.

In a great and inclusive event supported by our group and organised by Embrace Sport we had 23 athletes take part, 13 achieving top 5 finishes.  Anna 2nd, Ruby 3rd and Rowan 5th in TriStar 1 girls.  Eve 3rd in TriStar 2 girls.  Aidan 1st, Oscar 2nd, Will 3rd, Adam 4th and John 5th in the TriStar 1 boys race with George 2nd, Harry 3rd, Rueben 4th and Daniel 5th in the TriStar 2 boys race.


24th June, The Alnwick Junior Triathlon.

Ellie finished 2nd TriStar 3 girl.


1st July, The Tri Life Warriors Hartlepool Open Water Aquathlon.

5 of our group raced with 4 achieving a top 5 finish.  Heidi 2nd in the TriStar 1 and Ellie 1st in the TriStar 3 girls races.  Aidan 1st and Owen 2nd in the TriStar 1 boys race.


8th July, The One Life Racing Hexham Junior Triathlon.

12 juniors took part with 4 finishing in the top 5.  Oscar 1st, Owen 3rd and Will 5th in the TriStar 1 race and George was 3rd TriStar 2.


8th July, The York Junior Triathlon.

Adam finished 5th TriStar 1 boy.


15th July, The Holmfirth Harriers Junior Triathlon.

5 athletes took part with Will finishing 5th Tristar 1 boy.


21st July, The Hetton Lyons Super Saturday Triathlon.

8 of our youngsters raced with Aidan 1st and Oscar 4th TriStar 1 boys.


19th August, The Castles Challenge Triathlon at Bamburgh.

9 athletes took part with Aidan finishing as 1st TriStar 1 boy.


At the time of writing we have athletes entered in the Skipton Junior Triathlon 9th September and The Tyne Triathlon Autumn Aquathlon 16th September.  We are also preparing for the Cross Country season and planning some joint sessions with LM’s group at the Rising Sun Country Park.


Thanks to the Trustees for their continued support,

Steve Turner