Full fixtures are as follows:

All events are on a Saturday unless noted

30th Sept 2017 – Wrekenton
8th Oct 2017 (Sunday) – Druridge Bay
28th Oct 2017  – **Sherman Cup – Temple Park (S/Shields)
18th Nov 2017 – Aykley Heads, Durham
6th Jan 2018 – Herrington Country Park, Sunderland
10th Feb 2018 – Thornley Farm, Durham
3rd Mar 2018 – Alnwick

Championship dates,
9th Dec – North Easterns – Redcar
27th Jan – Northerns – Leeds
24th Feb – Nationals – London Parlement hills

** non NEHL xc fixtures

  • Costs – The charge for competing is now £2 per runner.
  • Promotion/demotion in races. This is now a percentage of the field (senior races only). If you finish in the top 10% you will be promoted to the medium or fast packs.
  • Timetable.  The timetable will be confirmed asap