An occasional series where renowned orienteering quiz master Barry Young teases out the innermost secrets, be they outstanding or mundane, of some your fell running idols.


This Issue:

Ivor Potter reveals all.


  1. Favourite race/course?

McWilliams Round Short, got the bronze, got the silver, damned if I’m not getting that gold someday! My silver effort saw me literally hurdle a snake, scared the *bleep* out of me, but I will forever remember that moment!


  1. Least favourite race/course?

High Cup Nick, not a reflection on the race but I ran it coming back from injury, nowhere near fit enough and hated every minute of it. I will do it again though and put that demon to bed.


  1. Favourite ingredient?

Depends on the intent of the question? Mountain Fuel or cinnamon! If they ever make Cinnamon Mountain Fuel then I’ll be all over it!


  1. Person you’d most like to beat in a race

Will Robson obviously, duh!!! Seriously, Rich Fawcett, he joined fell runners a short time after I did and I think he gave me one race before he decided he should be beating the (ahem) “older guys”. Maybe in about 30 years when we are both old ?. Sorry Rich .


  1. Biggest extravagance?

Oh boy! Had a few. Not sure I want to admit this but here goes nothing. My #1 has to be a Porsche Boxster, absolutely loved it. I had a 20 year hiatus from running due to an apparently non-existent injury and loved going out in the Boxster with my camera (another hobby that has taken a back seat now I’ve rediscovered running) for a bit of “me time”, but not practical once Fraser came along. “Me time” is now running anyway, so Fraser or no Fraser, change was gonna come.

Or I could just say the waterproof trousers I bought for the Hardmoors 55. I pulled out of the race even before it was cancelled and my Peter Storms are good enough for fell races coz let’s face it, you’re never going to actually wear the bloomin things.


  1. A race/event to be done?

Chevy Chase … can’t believe I’ve not managed to do this yet.


  1. Imperial mint, Everton mint ,glacier mint or spearmint?

Imperial with jam then cream!!!!


  1. Person who should join us fell running but hasn’t (so far)?

Graham Clark, very good runner and smashed the Ingram Trail Run which was his inaugural fell race. He’ll need to leave the buggy at home though.


  1. Best or worst fell run tip?

Be confident! I struggle with that and have fallen on my arse far too many times. Digging your heels in downhill into wet ground is a recipe for disaster and hilarity!!! (TBH the fell running community do actually check you are OK first – my son needs to take a leaf out of their book)


  1. Which Polyfeller would you send to a dessert island?

Danny,  he likes Jive Bunny !!! lock down is nowhere near isolated enough .


  1. What question would you like to add?

Q: Hand on heart, could you navigate in bugger all visibility?

A: No, but I do want to work on that. B****y lock down!