Some of the lads enjoying the weather at Mansfield. Pic courtesy of Karen Gunn


Up Bright and Early for a 6:45 meet, all the Competitors arrived at the Metro Station where
the bus waited. Outside, It was 5 degrees and people were wrapped up in several layers.
After our journey, which included an extra long service stop because the driver wanted a
Burger King, we arrived in Mansfield where it was beginning to rain heavily, typical as we had
heard the sun had come out at home making it fairly pleasant. The closer we got, the more
the rain heavied until it became torrential. Tommy Brannon carried the tent to our spot,
muddy already before the events even started. Whilst we put up the tent, the first race was
almost beginning – the U17 Girls who finished in 46th place, K Nash on Leg 1 (10:48), L
Bradley (11:19) and the team brought home by A Berry (13:04), a great way to begin the
day! From then on the races, and the torrential rain, came thick and fast, the rain only
worsening the muddy forest route, so bad in fact that in parts it was ankle deep or above
mud. Spikes were to no effect. It was also becoming cold, the only warmth was inside of the

Every runner achieved FABULOUS results. In the U13 Boys, 37th overall and 2nd NE team,
was B Maley (8:15), Z Brannon (7:51) and B Scantlebury (8:15) in the A team and an
incomplete B team of M Maley (8:47) and J Maley (10:07). Well Done Boys. U15 Girls in
18th Place were E Van Der Merwe (7:53) K Joslyn (8;40) and H Waugh (8;17), a stunning
Performance. Our U15 Boys unfortunately did not have a full team yet were the first
incomplete team, the team members were J Blevins (6:40) and O Douglas (7:22),great
running from both of them. Finally it was the turn of the Senior Men, an A team of D
Suleman (22:57) T Brannon (23:15), B Young (24;02), A Turner (27:08) in a place of 140th.
What a result! The B team was V Hemy (21:43), J Nash (25;18), R Mosedale (26:26) with D
Hughes (26;28). Simply Fantastic! After a long yet fun day we finally packed up from the
cold to the warm sanctuary of the bus. However, Bernard, who was out enjoying his day as a
supporter was missing, so Paul Hughes, moments after finishing his race went to find him.
Bernard, later returned without Paul so we waited for him, before finally setting off. We were
entertained on the return journey with a history-based quiz prepared by Oliver Douglas. Of
course Barry won! We got home at the late time of 8pm, and sadly, the rain had decided to
follow us too!

A successful outing once again for the Poly in ALL categories, outstanding performances
across the field. More of this to come I’m sure! Bring on the next cross country where we
hope to smash it again. Up the Poly!