Following the ‘Consultation Review’ document that was sent to the club mid-February you will see that we are now being asked to formally indicate to Northern Athletics that we are prepared to affiliate to them under their proposed scheme.

Affiliation will be confirmed by payment of an affiliation fee on October 1st 2018 equivalent to £2 per annum for each of our athletes who are registered for competition with English Athletics (Note this is not included in the recently proposed 2018/2019 subscription increase).

Therefore, this in effect will mean the club paying circa £1,400 for 2018, then we will have to look to passing this fee onto members in subsequent years.

The Northern Athletics booklet ‘ Your support, Our survival, Your future’ makes the argument for their scheme and the latest ‘Consultation Review’ answers many of the questions raised by clubs.

I am personally minded that we should support the proposal (albeit we will be writing to English Athletics asking why regional funding has been reduced etc), but I need your feedback before making a final discussion at the March Committee Meeting. Therefore, can I ask you to provide feedback to myself or any other committee member before Monday, 12th March.

(feedback via email to

Chair – North Shields Polytechnic Club

(Peter Atkinson  & Clare Winter)