Polyfellers Fixtures 2019

North Shields Poly Fell Championships 2019

There are thirteen races in the series but only your best SEVEN races will score.  50 points are awarded to the first home, 48 to second, 47 to third etc.


Please bring the full FRA best practice kit to ALL races to avoid disappointment. Details on the FRA website. https://fellrunner.org.uk/documents/2019/FRA%20Requirements%20for%20Runners%202019%2019-10-2018.pdf Note: Races denoted as NG means GPS cannot be used to aid navigation


Brough Law – AS G – 8k/5 miles.

Sunday 10th March at 10:30am. £3.00 Venue: Bulbys Wood car park, Ingram Valley, Grid NU008164


Coledale Horseshoe Fell Race – AM NG 13.5k/8.5 miles

Saturday 6 April 11.00am £10.00 pre entry only, closes 30 March Venue: Braithwaite Lodge Grid ref 232 231. Enter at http://ellenboroughac.com/coledale-horseshoe/


Newlands Memorial Race – AM NG 18.5k/11.5 miles

Saturday 20 April 11.30 am £9 Pre Entry Only at http://www.newlandsrace.co.uk/ Venue: Stair Village Hall Newlands, Keswick, CA12 5UF GR 237212


Blakey Blitz – AM NG  17k/10.5 miles

Sunday 28 April 10.30. £5.00. Enter on day. Venue: Lion Inn, nr Castleton North Yorks GR678998 http://www.eskvalleyfellclub.org/race_routes.htm


Roseberry Romp – BS G– 8k/5miles

Tuesday 21 May 7pm £4.00 on Day. Venue: Car Park Newton under Roseberry TS9 6QR, GR 570128

Helvellyn and the Dodds – AL G 24k/15 miles

Sunday 26 May noon £10.00 pre entry http://keswickac.org.uk/kac-races/helvellyn-and-the-dodds/

£12 on day. Venue: Threlkeld Cricket club off A66 GR 325255


Yetholm Hill Race – AM 13K/8 miles

Sunday 2 June 1pm £5.00 on day. Venue: Halterburn, nr Kirk Yetholm  http://www.scottishhillracing.co.uk/RaceDetails.aspx?RaceID=RA-0056


Alwinton 3 Tops  – BL G  24k/17miles

Saturday 15th June 10.30am  £11.00 pre entry  £13 on day see  www.notmrt.org.uk Venue: Alwinton, Northumberland.Grid ref:922064


Windy Gyle  BM G 13.7k/8.5 miles

Saturday 22 June at 10:30am. £5.00.on day. Venue: Roadside sheep pens 800m N of Barrowburn Farm, Alwinton. Grid ref: NT863113 http://www.northumberlandfellrunners.co.uk/


Saltwell Harriers Fell Race BS G – 9k/5.6 miles

Tuesday 2 July 7.15pm. £5.00  Venue:On B6278 two miles north of Stanhope Co Durham GR996416


Chevy Chase  BL G – 32.2k/20 miles

Saturday 6 July at 10.30. £20.00. The local race you must do at least once. Venue: Wooler Youth Hostel.
PRE ENTRY ONLY Venue Wooler Youth Hostel GR992278  https://fellrunner.org.uk/races.php?id=612



Summer holidays break!

Simonside Thropton Show Race  BM G – 11k/6.5 miles

Saturday 21 September at 2pm. £5.50 (includes entry to show) Venue: Thropton Showfield, Coquetdale, Northumberland. GR 031027 www.northumnberlandfellrunners.co.uk


Alwinton Border Shepherds Show Fell Race- AS G –  5k/3 miles

Saturday 12 October 11.45pm tbc £7.00 includes show entry Venue:Glenridding Village Hall CA11 0PA