Club Nights

The club meets for training every Tuesday and Thursday. Phil Rees also runs track sessions on Saturdays from 12pm – open to all adult members. Event group athletics is all year round, fundamental and foundation athletics are during term time only.

The groups listed below, depending on availability, are open to new members. Other closed groups including sprints and middle distance are operated at the club.

Competition Group Schedule Classification Group Leader Is it for me?
Seniors: Tuesdays and Thursdays 7pm – 8pm, with warm up drills at 6:40 pm. Meet at the clubhouse. Intermediate/Advanced Running Graham Hall / Simon Jamieson A coached group focusing on improving technique, speed, strength, power and endurance. Suitable for a wide range of abilities, beginners to seasoned runners. If you can comfortably run 5K then you will be fine in this group.
Seniors: Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:15pm – 7:30pm Meet at the clubhouse. Intermediate /Advanced Running Phil Rees A coached group focusing on improving technique, speed, strength, power and endurance. Suitable for more Intermediate to more experienced runners looking to improve their performance.
Seniors: Tuesdays and Thursdays 5:30pm – 7:30pm Meet at the clubhouse All Abilities Throws Neil Ellerby A coached group specialising in all areas of Throw competition. From beginners to seasoned athletes.
Competition Track & Field Classification Coach
Age 13 - Senior: Tuesdays 5:30pm - 7:00PM Thursdays 5:30PM - 6:30PM Sundays 10:30AM - 12:00AM Event Group - Speed Chris Mole

North Shields Poly Fell Running Section - Polyfellers

Click here for more information - Polyfellers

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The Monkey Runners

Recreational Running
Monkey Runners Classification Leader Is it for me?
Seniors: Monday, Tuesday & Thursdays 7pm to 8pm - Meet at Churchill playing fields between the track and the car park. Beginner/Intermediate Various A coached group focusing on starting to run or improving your running. Tuesday evening having more of a beginner focus. New runners are welcome to the group weekly! Please see the link below for more information.

More information on the Monkey Runners here 

Please note Junior Sessions are in the Junior Section of the site.

Senior Triathlon

Whilst we are not running any standalone triathlon training sessions currently, we have an active triathlon section. If you are interested in training and competing in triathlon for the Poly, please contact

Track Rules

  • Warm up, cool down and recover from efforts in the OUTSIDE LANE travelling clockwise. For the adult groups, if your session does not contain a sufficient warm up as it is, please do your warm up away from the track now it has become so busy (e.g. on either of the nearby fields)
  • ONLY use lane 1 for hard efforts and reps and travel anticlockwise.
  • If someone shouts, “Track” step onto the inside of the track or move out into an outer lane to get out of their way (but note – if you are running your own reps or efforts you do not have to get out of the way; you only have to get out of the way if you are walking or standing on a recovery).
  • ALWAYS take note of whether there are throwers in the circles before you go near the field in the centre of the track. There are two circles – one surrounded by the green netting, and one near the long jump pit/200m start area. Check both. A 2k discus or 7k hammer to the head would be no fun for either party. We have throwers capable of 50-60 metres so don’t assume they can’t reach you.
  • Track nights have become VERY busy recently and there have been some near misses. Please keep a keen eye out for others, especially children, and use the track courteously.


Our club headquarters and training ground are located at:

Churchill Playing Fields
Hartley Avenue
Whitley Bay
NE26 3NS