Senior Cross Country

NEHL 2021-22

Provisional dates for the 2021-22 North East Harrier League Cross Country have been released. Please speak to your coach if you are interested in taking part.

If you're a middle distance track runner, road runner, marathoner, triathlete, ultra runner or fell runner cross country running has a lot to offer in terms of endurance, speed endurance, core strength and balance.

We expect further details in the next few weeks, but if you're interested in XC then speak to your coach. The XC captains; Alison Smith, Helen Heaney and Jon Heaney are also available to answer any further questions.

Many people will be familiar with the structure of XC racing. It's essentially just a pair of spikes / fell running shoes, club vest & shorts, 4x safety pins, and the race number (same number all season).

The league has slow, medium and fast packs. The slow pack starts first and often runners from this pack end up winning the race. The faster runners set of later. New runners always start in the slow pack (unless transferring from other NEHL clubs), but are promoted to faster packs if they do well.

Please see the Start Fitness North Eastern Harrier League group for more info. Start times of races are on the NEHL website

2021-22 NEHL Dates:
Sat 25th Sept 2021
Sun 10th Oct 2021
Sat 30th Oct 2021
Sat 27th Nov 2021
Sun 9th Jan 2022
Sat 12th Feb 2022
Sat 5th March 2022

Venues are to be confirmed.

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Our club headquarters and training ground are located at:

Churchill Playing Fields
Hartley Avenue
Whitley Bay
NE26 3NS