Monkey Runners

We are an adult running group based in Monkseaton for all running abilities.

We run three times a week Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evening 7-8pm with Tuesday evening having more of a beginner focus.  We meet at Churchill Playing Fields between the car park and the track.

Each session is different and adapted to the abilities of the runners.  We have a group of leaders who take the sessions to add extra variety.  We aim to provide a fun, friendly and safe environment for everyone to enjoy running all year round.

We are affiliated with North Shields Poly.

Each session costs £2 unless you are a member of North Shields Poly and then the sessions are included in your yearly membership.

Gemma Thompson - Group Leader



Track Rules

  • Warm up, cool down and recover from efforts in the OUTSIDE LANE travelling clockwise. For the adult groups, if your session does not contain a sufficient warm up as it is, please do your warm up away from the track now it has become so busy (e.g. on either of the nearby fields)
  • ONLY use lane 1 for hard efforts and reps and travel anticlockwise.
  • If someone shouts, “Track” step onto the inside of the track or move out into an outer lane to get out of their way (but note – if you are running your own reps or efforts you do not have to get out of the way; you only have to get out of the way if you are walking or standing on a recovery).
  • ALWAYS take note of whether there are throwers in the circles before you go near the field in the centre of the track. There are two circles – one surrounded by the green netting, and one near the long jump pit/200m start area. Check both. A 2k discus or 7k hammer to the head would be no fun for either party. We have throwers capable of 50-60 metres so don’t assume they can’t reach you.
  • Track nights have become VERY busy recently and there have been some near misses. Please keep a keen eye out for others, especially children, and use the track courteously.


Our club headquarters and training ground are located at:

Churchill Playing Fields
Hartley Avenue
Whitley Bay
NE26 3NS