Junior Athlete Pathway

“We believe that young children should develop athleticism in an environment that is child-centred: safe, enjoyable, inclusive, well organised, with activities that are appropriate to their developmental stage and needs and that will enhance their overall health and well-being.”


*Note that age is not always the key identifier when moving between groups. Children also move between groups based on other key factors such as chronological, training and development age.

Fundamental Athletics

Children are taught the key athletic movements of balance, agility, co-ordination, run, jump and throw in a fun environment. General fitness tasks are also incorporated into sessions.

Foundation Athletics

Having learnt the skills of balance, agility and co-ordination in fundamental athletics, children use them to perform more challenging tasks in run, jump and throw. Fitness tasks are more intense.

Event Group Athletics

Training is focussed on a single athletic event group. This would be sprinting, middle distance running, jumping or throwing. Event group training sometimes includes core stability, fitness and strength work including plyometrics, circuit training and weights.


Our club headquarters and training ground are located at:

Churchill Playing Fields
Hartley Avenue
Whitley Bay
NE26 3NS